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What makes Buffelskloof Eco Reserve unique?

There are a number of factors that set Buffelskloof Eco Reserve apart from similar developments:

Easy Access: It is situated just 300km from Pretoria and Johannesburg , within the acceptable and manageable range limit from Gauteng making it an ideal weekend or lifestyle getaway. Buffelskloof is 30km from Steelpoort and 40km from Lydenburg our nearest towns, along a tarred secondary road making the access extremely comfortable in any vehicle.  

The Buffelskloof Eco Reserve is situated on 3037 ha of land with only 150 stands for sale , or 1 house per 20ha. Almost all other developments have a density of more than 1 stand per 10ha. Less than 0.002% of the reserve is to be developed (assuming that the average residence will not exceed 500sqm - J ). 

The total development truly celebrates the diversity of Africa bearing a rich population of fauna, flora and invertebrate as well as a number of archaeological features. The farm includes mountains, cliffs, ravines, gorges, rivers, waterfalls, bushveld and large grass plains. 10 distinct flora habitats (i.e anthropogenic grassland, steep slopes and valleys, grassland with scattered woody outcrops, plains bushveld, arid bushveld, Acacia thornveld, sandveld, old fields, southern grasslands, rivers and streams). Two Iron Age sites have been identified which will be restored in due coarse.

With a few exceptions most game species can be accommodated on the farm. Prior to the development the following species were encountered: kudu, waterbuck, civet, leopard, mountain reedbuck, klipspringer, grey duiker, red duiker, steenbok, warthog, bush pig, aardvark, impala, baboon, monkeys and brown hyena. The reintroduction of the following species may be considered in the short term: An increase in the numbers of current species listed above plus blesbuck, red hartebeest, eland, zebra, ostrich and blue wildebeest. The introduction of rarer species such as sable, roan antelope, springbuck, nyala, tsessebe and grey reedbuck and a safe enclosure for disease free buffalo is planned for the longer term from returns on the game harvest.

The Buffelskloof Irrigation Dam, a prominent landmark in the area, is situated on an adjoining property to our North. Riparian rights for residents to the Buffelskloof dam which is 2km long and includes 200ha of land is being secured. This will entitle the residents to non-motorised access to the dam, catch and release fishing and hiking along the waters edge.

Over and above the hiking along the dam and in the dense bushveld ravines, some of the best hiking is to be had along the 10 km of escarpment cliffs on the property. Unsurpassed views stretching as far as the eye can see, overlooking the irrigation valley below and spectacular cliffs and waterfalls are some of the sights one MUST experience.

The private dams on specific stands on the farm entitles owner to secluded fishing where indigenous species such as Yellow fish may be found, but the Reserve is also in close proximity to some of the best fly fishing in the country. Dullstroom, the trout Mecca of SA and other super fishing spots are a short drive away.

The Buffelskloof Eco Reserve is part of a protected area for a number of raptor species breeding in the cliffs and the large colony of breeding pairs of the Cape Vulture (endangered ) on the cliffs on the opposite side of the gorge are clearly visible from many of the stands. If it is conducive to the protection of the species a vulture restaurant can be considered. The area is also part of the black leopard conservancy – the home of the only wild black leopard known in SA. Large portions of the reserve are classified as “highly significant” and “irreplaceable” by the Mpumalanga Biodiversity Conservation plan. It hosts a rich diversity of fauna and flora which include several threatened, endangered and red-data species. It falls within the Sekhukuneland region, which is considered as the centre of plant endemism and is of particular botanical interest. The centre of 4800km2 contains 51 endemic species or infra-specific taxa, many of these being red data species. There are 64 tree species, 38 grasses and 55 forbes species identified. In excess of 100 butterfly species are predicted on the reserve.

Kruger National Park, the largest game reserve in Africa is situated 140km from Buffelskloof Eco Reserve. Day trips to this nature reserve are comfortable, driving along some of the most picturesque scenery and best sightseeing attractions in the country through Long Tom pass, Sabie, Mac Mac and Hazy View to the Numbi gate.

Safety and Security: The Buffelskloof Eco Reserve has 24hr controlled entry and does not carry the Big 5 (we have leopard and the envisaged enclosed camp with buffalo), this makes it safe to go on game walks and enjoy the bush without feeling threatened in any way. The Maartenshoop police station is situated 200m from the entrance to the Reserve.

Buffelskloof Eco Reserve is situated in a Malaria Free Area . It also has the most pleasant whether, being a lot cooler than the Lowveld with constant breezes created by the escarpment. The Mpumalanga Lowveld escarpment has superb rainfall and climate. The rainfall measured in 2005 was more than 1000mm. A true jewel, the Sekhukune land is also known as the “ Sunshine Valley .” Summer starts late August and ends late April with only 3 months of real winter when minimum of 7 degrees are experienced.

Buffelskloof is an extremely good investment for the short and long term! The rim of the Bushveld Igneous Complex holds some of the highest concentrations of heavy metals such as chromium, aluminium, vanadium and titanium in the world. Other elements found in abundance include platinum, iron, copper, cobalt and nickel. The new De Hoop dam development at Steelpoort will facilitate this development in the next couple of years.

The stands on Buffelskloof Eco Reserve will be evaluated by rangers who will note special features and the fauna and flora that are special to each stand. You will therefore know quite a bit about your property and it's bush features before you move in!

Facilities: Buffelskloof offers the service of a rental pool for property owners that wish to rent their property out to guests and get a short term return on your investment. If you are a Corporate buyer, Buffelskloof will have a superb conference facility with air-conditioning , which will be available to you at a special rate. There is a cleaning and/or maintenance service is also available to home owners. A small shop with essential provisions is located across the road.   

On the adjacent farm stabling facilities for your horses will be made available. This is an ideal method of exploring the expanse of the reserve. Horses for hire will also be housed here.

A landing strip (1km long) is maintained on the farm, giving quick and easy access for the more adventurous (and wealthy).

There are 15 boreholes on the property of which only 6 are used for human consumption. These boreholes can deliver 200% of the requirement. The farm also has abundant water rights from the Waterfalls River . The combined surface area of the catchment feeding the Reserve measures 23.1 sq.km. There is NO shortage of water on this development.