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NATURE: Birds Species  

This is a supurb bird watching erea has suitable habitat and distribution for over 400 species of African bird life. The farm consists of mountainous, rocky outcrops, valleys, lush grass plains, dams and rivers. The vulture colony across the valley can be seen from the farm. More than 100 “near threatened” bird species can be seen.

The following bird species have already been recorded:

648 Apalis flavida Apalis Yellowbreasted
560 Turdoides jardineii Babbler Arrowmarked
464 Lybius torquatus Barbet Blackcollared
473 Trachyphonus vaillantii Barbet Crested
701 Batis molitor Batis Chinspot
438 Merops apiaster Bee-eater Eurasian
444 Merops pusillus Bee-eater Little
826 Euplectes afer Bishop Golden
824 Euplectes orix Bishop Red
739 Laniarius atrococcineus Boubou Crimsonbreasted
736 Laniarius ferrugineus Boubou Southern
568 Pycnonotus barbatus Bulbul Blackeyed
572 Andropadus importunus Bulbul Sombre
884 Emberiza flaviventris Bunting Goldenbreasted
152 Buteo rufofuscus Buzzard Jackal
869 Serinus mozambicus Canary Yelloweyed
595 Myrmecocichla formicivora Chat Anteating
593 Thamnolaea cinnamomeiventris Chat Mocking
667 Cisticola ayresii Cisticola Ayres'
666 Cisticola textrix Cisticola Cloud
672 Cisticola chinianus Cisticola Rattling
548 Corvus albus Crow Pied
354 Streptopelia capicola Dove Cape Turtle
355 Streptopelia senegalensis Dove Laughing
356 Oena capensis Dove Namaqua
541 Dicrurus adsimilis Drongo Forktailed
99 Dendrocygna viduata Duck Whitefaced
104 Anas undulata Duck Yellowbilled
148 Haliaeetus vocifer Eagle African Fish
142 Circaetus cinereus Eagle Brown Snake
71 Bubulcus ibis Egret Cattle
841 Lagonosticta rhodopareia Firefinch Jameson's
199 Francolinus swainsonii Francolin Swainson's
102 Alopochen aegyptiacus Goose Egyptian