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Sekhukhuneland is a region recently considered as a centre of plant endemism and therefore of particular botanical interest. This interest focuses on the area underlain by ultramafic substrates, an area of approximately 4800 km2. The Sekhukhuneland Centre of Endemism is defined as the flora found on the Rustenburg Layered Suite in the eastern Bushveld Igneous Complex, without the south-western and north-western parts of the Suite, which stretch into the Highveld and Springbok Flats respectively. The Centre of 4 800 km2 contains 51 endemic species or infra-specific taxa, many of these being red data species.

The extremely varied topography on the reserve with 9 distinct eco systems results in the vegetation being even more varied. These areas are considered to be highly sensitive vertebrate habitat. The habitats include the “Steep slopes and valleys”, “Arid bushveld on northern slopes”, “Grassland with scattered woody outcrops” and “Acacia Thornveld in valley bottom”. The habitat types contain highly suitable habitat for 42 Red Data mammal species, 30 Red Data bird species and 3 Red Data reptile species.

Interaction with the natural environment and interpretation of the ecology of the area will be facilitated with hiking trails, hides and guided drives. An area at the clubhouse will also be dedicated to a small library and displays relating to the terrestrial ecology of the area. Research by tertiary institutions will also be encouraged.


Bordering a 200ha irrigation dam the farm has unsurpassed beauty with an escarpment cliff forming the eastern border. There are breathtaking and panoramic views of the Buffelskloof dam which forms the northern border, the Beetgeskraal irrigation valley below and the Mpumalanga bushveld. It has clear views of two waterfalls in the Watervals River and a number of storage dams, fountains and river streams. Mountains with rocky outcrops, Serengeti-like plains with ample water for both human and animal consumption with a mixed bush country vegetation where both fauna and flora are abundant. The most spectacular sunsets are experienced; you'll find unsurpassed peace and tranquillity while in the distance nocturnal life comes alive.

This farm is one the most scenic farms in the area and lies in the transition area from Highveld to Lowveld. All the buildings are clustered in development areas where you are unable to see and hear your neighbours. The rest of the farm is unspoilt area with a hiking trail along the cliffs. The farm borders on other game farms and natural areas allowing the Kudu bull's mating call to resonate through the night. A still wilderness and a peaceful atmosphere, brings out the tranquillity and softness of nature .