STAND # 41 - 52                      Phase 3

 Limited opening offer of

R695 000


These stands all have beautiful views of the dam. They are higher up on the northern slope 2km due east from the tar road. They all have a northern view looking out over the dam. 


Top Left: These are prime sites due to their elevation and proximity to the dam.  Looking South, this picture is in the general direction of the stands showing the tree cover and elevation. Some sites have more dense coverage and larger trees.


Top Right: Closer view of some of the very old trees and an indication of the open grasslands intermingled with the large trees. 


Bottom Left: North view. Although higher up on the slope they are still relatively flat stands with a limited view of the dam. Showing varied bush, grassland and the dam.


Bottom Right: Almost daily at sunset you will see spectacular skies to your left with the dam to your right.