The game on the reserve are very tame as no hunting is permitted.

Kudu 24 Waterbuck 12 Nyala 12
Giraffe 8 B/W beest 36 Eland 40
Impala 90 Zebra 30 Oryx 12
Blesbok 48 Hartebeest 24 Ostrich 24
Tsessebe 24 Springbok 20 Mountain Reedbuck 20

Other game such as Leopard, Warthog, Brown Hyena, Steenbok, Duiker, Baboon, Monkey, Klipspringer etc. can be seen regularly. The vulture colony across the valley can be seen from the farm. The current game only constitutes 36% of the carrying capacity. The game will be managed to maintain minimum herd sizes and returns on harvesting will be used to maintain the farm and purchase more exotic species such as decease free Buffalo , Roan Antelope and Sable.

This farm is fully game fenced with a 2.4m high steel wire fencing. This fencing is according to the requirements of the Department of Nature Conservation.

The farm has unsurpassed beauty with an escarpment cliff forming the eastern border. There are breathtaking and panoramic views of the Buffelskloof dam which forms the northern border, the Beetgeskraal irrigation valley below and the Mpumalanga bushveld. Clear views of two waterfalls in the Watervals River and a number of storage dams, fountains and river streams. The most spectacular sunsets are experienced; you'll find unsurpassed peace and tranquillity while in the distance nocturnal life comes alive. Game viewing in your own vehicle, might offer encounters with the occasional Leopard, the above mentioned antelope species as well as numerous smaller antelope species. The farm is part of a voluntary Black Leopard conservation project. Bird watching with over 300 species of African bird life recorded. The farm consists of mountainous and rocky outcrops, valleys, lush plains and a river.

This farm is one the most scenic farms in the area and lies in the transition area from Highveld to Lowveld. All the buildings are clustered in one area where you are unable to see and hear your neighbours. The rest of the farm is unspoilt area with a hiking trail along the cliffs. The farm borders on another game farm. The loud outcry of a Kudu bull's mating call follows deep into the gorge. A still wilderness and a peaceful atmosphere, brings out the most in tranquillity and the softness of nature.


 Kudu 2

Kudu bull