Will the stands be full title or sectional title?

The developer received approval for full title stands, which means the homeowner, will have freehold title and own the stand and the buildings erected on it. Traversing rights over the remainder of the reserve will also be registered with each title deed.

How big are the stands?

The average stand is approximately 75m x 133m or

10 000 square meters (1 ha) each.

How many stands will there be?

A total of 150 private stands, 1 club house and 3 houses for management, as well as accommodation for labourers. Of the 150 stands only 120 are available for sale. This will be done in seven phases of 28, 15, 23, 33, 22 and 18 stands respectively.

How much will the levies be?

The Home Owner's Association will ultimately determine the levies. The monthly levy is currently set at R500 per month.

What services will be included in the levy?

Safety and security, insurance of public areas, maintenance of services (electricity, water supply, roads and fences), maintenance of facilities (trails, hides, recreational areas, staff quarters and entrance structures), wildlife management (veld management, water provision, monitoring, research, etc.) and administration. 

Are there additional monthly costs apart from the levy?

Property taxes by the local authority, electricity consumption and excess water usage will also be for the owner's account. Optional services e.g. maintenance, cleaning, etc. can be contracted separately with the management company.

How much is the deposit?

A minimum deposit of 10% is required within 14 days of signature, to be lodged with the transferring attorneys. On receipt of such payment the specific stand will be "Reserved" and the payment will be kept in an interest bearing trust until such time transfer of the stand occurs. Interest accumulated will be paid to the purchaser.

Is the deposit refundable?

The deposit is non-refundable. 

When do I have to pay the balance?

The balance of the purchase price is due on proclamation of the appropriate phase, i.e. after services have been installed and approved. Proclamation of Phases 1, 2 & 3 are envisaged before the end of 2009.

Are mortgage bonds available?

A bond originator has been appointed to assist with mortgage applications. A mortgage must be approved in principal in conjunction with the deposit.

Am I allowed to sell my unit before I take transfer of the unit?

No, units may only be sold after taking transfer.

Can I get access to the development after paying my deposit?

Yes, the entrance gate will be supplied with a list of investors that will be allowed on the reserve, provided that they adhere to the applicable rules and regulations.



What size dwelling can I build?

Owners of private stands can build any size dwellings within the architectural guidelines but the total development area may not exceed 600 sq. m.

Can I build a swimming pool?

Swimming pools of not larger than 16sq m are allowed.

Are there architectural guidelines I must adhere to?

Only broad based guidelines are prescribed. The styles must conform to eco-friendly guidelines and colours with the emphasis on low maintenance and maximum adaptation to the particular vegetation and geography of the reserve

Thatched roofs - facts to consider

Although thatch roofs have a unique attraction in Africa, they are extremely vulnerable to veld fires during the winter season. The low occupation rate of a development of this nature, coupled to the hilly topography, will also increase the risk of fire damage to buildings and property.

Each thatch roof house will require lightning conductors, fire proof treatment, proper maintenance and protection against monkeys and baboons which may not be interfered with. Due to the topography, conductors that are visible against the mountain slopes will not be allowed. This will detract substantially from the expected bushveld experience.

The maximum height of buildings is 6meters which, with 2m walls and 45degree angles of thatch roofs implies that the maximum width of a building is limited to 8m.  

Can I use my own architect?

Yes you can, but in order to maintain the architectural integrity of the development, all plans must be submitted to the Home Owners Association for approval. The building committee includes the development architect who will conduct a site visit, check for compliance to the regulations and ensure that the building is placed appropriately on the site.

Can I use my own builder?

The developer will appoint a limited number of builders, so by application to and appointment by the developer, it is possible. This is essential for security and logistical reasons.

How long do I have to build?

Homeowners have to start building within 3 years after the original transfer date and complete the building within 1 year.

What other facilities will there be on the reserve?

The following facilities will be provided after 80% of stands have been registered:

Hiking trails, 4x4 route, game drives, small club house with proposed squash court, small gymnasium and business center.

Paved road to entrance with security gate and guard house

Main swimming pool and braai facilities

Buffalo and rhinoceros enclosure

Game fencing and stocking with game completed



Can I move around freely on the 3000 ha game reserve?

Yes, apart from the proposed dangerous game enclosure of approximately 300 ha, that will only be accessible on guided game drives.

Will there be a permanent manager?

A reserve manager and the required personnel will manage the reserve.

What about security?

The main entrance gate will be manned by security guards on a 24/7 basis. Daily patrols of the reserve will also be instituted. The owners can install alarms systems, compatible with the security system, at each dwelling. Security guards will immediately investigate any alarm signals.

How much game will there be on the farm?

The ecological management plan makes provision for the following game:

White rhinoceros



Blue wildebeest

Red hartebeest


Grey rhebuck








Most of the species above already occur on the reserve. Breeding herds of the additional species will be introduced.

Who owns the game?

The game is owned and managed by the developer who will appoint a professional to manage the reserve according to the ecological management plan.

Am I allowed to fence my stand?

In order to facilitate the free movement of game on the reserve, no fences will be allowed on stands apart from securing swimming pools.

Can I establish a waterhole for game on my stand?

Only water holes approved by the consulting ecologist will be allowed. Bird baths will, however, be encouraged.

Are any pets allowed?

No pets will be allowed as they are deemed to be incompatible with game on the reserve.


Can anything be done about the power lines on the property?

The developer is currently negotiating with ESKOM with regard to the overhead line running the dam wall. The chances of achieving this is slim as the 66 kVA line supplies the dam.

Is the Buffelskloof dam accessible to members?

The developer has submitted a proposal to the Department of Water Affairs and Forestry (DWAF) for riparian rights. These rights will include access to the waterfront, catch and release fishing and non-motorised crafts on the dam. The proposal also includes daily (controlled and fee-able) access to a maximum of 20 vehicles to the DWAF area and inclusion of the whole dam into the reserve. Any such approval and/or further developments will be published on this website.

Will the main entrance road be upgraded?

The main entrance road serves the dam wall but access will be controlled 24/7. It is the responsibility of the province to maintain the road but the developer will apply to deregister the road and maintain it.